Key Tips to Follow When Moving Exotic Pets

Did you know that there are various types of exotic animals which are legal to own as a pet in the UK? From cute little creatures such as micro pigs, African pygmy hedgehogs and pygmy goats to dangerous tarantulas and mysterious animals such as kinkajou and axolotl. If you are already a proud owner of an exotic pet and you are considering to move home in the foreseeable future, you will need to keep in mind something very important. Namely, that even if you hire a trusted and reputable moving company that offers various specialised removal services such as single item removal or speedy expensive item removals in London, the professional movers will not be able to help you with the handling of your beloved pet or pets. That is because such businesses are not allowed to deal with the moving of things such as animals and even plants. Therefore, you will need to plan and carry out the relocation of your exotic pets alone no matter whether they are:

  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Large animals
  • Fish


Moving reptiles to your new home will be challenging mainly because these animals are cold-blooded. This means that you need to keep them cool. Also, the fact that some of these creatures are dangerous and poisonous will make this task even more difficult for you. So, transport them in a carrier that is sturdy and from which they won’t be able to escape. To keep their environment cool and damp during their transit, place a wet towel at the bottom of their carrier. If your pet reptile is venomous, you will need to put their carrier or box into a second box for extra safety. In addition to that, label the outer box well.


Birds are not very difficult to move but they can be easily scared and excessive stress can be sometimes fatal for them. To avoid that, transport them in their cage and put a cover over it. The latter will help keep them calm through the whole experience. Don’t forget to carry their food, water and toys with you. They may need them if the trip to your new home is long.


Large animals

If you own horses, alpacas, llamas or other big animals, you will not be able to move them with your own personal car. Instead, you will have to hire a specialised vehicle or to even use professional assistance for this task. Make sure the trailer with which your large pet or pets will be transported is properly ventilated and well-sanitised.


Most people assume that they can transport their fish in their aquarium but they are wrong. Go to your local pet store and buy special polythene bags and containers and move your fish in them. Also, it is best if you don’t feed your aquarium pets one day before the relocation. In that way, they will produce a more limited amount of waste during the transit stage. If you ignore this piece of advice, you may threaten the health of your fish.