The best place to live

A lot of people tend to live in towns and big cities because of their jobs and social life. It is not a surprise because we are surrounded with everything we need including:

  • Public transport
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants

There could be some disadvantages of the city life such as traffic jam, polluted air or noisy crowds, but there are people, who really enjoy it and can’t imagine to spend more than a week away of it. Typically all companies are situated in bustling towns, so there is work for a great number of citizens, so that’s a reason for them to live near their workplaces. On the other hand, city apartments could be very expensive. But you got to calculate all you expanses if you decide to work in the city and live in a smaller suburb or in a village. Of course social life shouldn’t be underestimated, because of all the theatres, cinemas, libraries and parks are alluring places for people of all ages. Another benefit of the big districts is that it is easier to find and change your home or job. You simply call the local removals company and forget about packaging and transporting of your goods and let alone office equipment.

But nowadays there are so many young people who prefer to leave their jobs and to move to a smaller town or village in order for them to feel better. A lot of nature and tranquil lovers are ready to hire such a removal company but not to change their currently home for the next one, but to move a whole household away of the city. It’s the first investment in your future life and in addition it will be a simple task for such professional helpers. It is not an easy decision, especially with kids around, but there are as many advantages as living in the big town. When you find the perfect house with beautiful garden and a lot of green space you will be able to raise your own fruits and vegetables. Also you can have cats and dogs which are not always a good idea in an apartment. Don’t forget that everywhere around you will be green space and fresh air, so your family will be healthier and happier. But if it was so good to be a farmer, villages would have been highly populated. But if you have your own business and you are able to work from home while your office is somewhere else, that’s more than great. However it is not all about you and you have to think about your kids, even if there is a kinder garden or a primary school. One day your son/ daughter should go to college and they can be attracted to the city. So it will be up to them to make their own decision about the perfect place to live. For you it could be a small area with colourful houses, gardens and animals but for other it could be the crowded city with all those lights and social life.