Simple but effective ways to pack your clothes for removal

Folded clothes

In comparison to other items that need to be packed before removal, clothes are not a big deal. They are not fragile, that cannot be broken or damaged. Even if you drop a box, there is no harm. And, you have packed your clothes before, right? So there shouldn’t be major problems. However, the minute you take a box and open your closet, you might get lost and worried about how you will manage to pack all those items. You will need strategies for packing, that’s for sure.

Tip: never pack dirty and wet clothes because it can stain other clothes and damage them.

Step 1

First, get rid of out-dated, outgrown, irrelevant and worn out clothes you do not use anymore. Put them aside and give it away or sell them. This is a unique opportunity to declutter your closet and finally clear what you actually have and wear.

Step 2

You can then sort out clothes items by season, size or material. Choose the method that suits you most. If you sort them by size, you will separate pants form T-shirts. Sorting by season will make unpacking easier since you will first need clothes that will match weather conditions of the city you are moving to.

Step 3

Have you heard of wardrobe boxes? It is a tall box with a hanging rack that is used for hanging your clothes. All your hanging clothes can go directly into the box. They will not wrinkle or get dusty or dirty. There is one downside of these boxes: they can be expensive. You can improvise and make your own or use alternatives. Use ordinary cardboard boxes and your luggage.

Step 4

Vacuum bags or garbage bags can save you a lot of space when packing clothes. Once they shrink, the air is sucked from them and you get a tiny bag of clothes. Vacuum bags are more expensive so you may opt for garbage bags.

Step 5

Since clothes are not too heavy, you can decide not to take them out and leave them in dressers and drawers. It is an easy solution that will save you time and effort. Just make sure you secure the furniture with stretch wraps. Emphasize to your movers that you have your clothes inside so that they move furniture with extra care.

Step 6

An ancient trick for packing your clothes is using sheets. It is the simplest way of pacing your garments. Just spread a sheet on your bed, place larger clothes items first and then smaller, and then tie the sheet securely. You will be able to manage the bundle with ease and carry it on your shoulder.

What about your shoes?


Well, your shoes should be packed separately. Make sure they are cleaned. Use their original boxes if you still have them. If not, use regular boxes, but first wrap each shoe into a newspaper or packing paper to avoid scratches and denting. Put some inside and in between too. Save space by alternating directions of shoes in the box.