When you move to a smaller home

Small English House

Moving from a large house to a small property isn’t easy but it doesn’t mean that you cannot continue enjoying a comfortable home. Here are several tips which will help you with the transition.

Tip 1: Change your mind-set

At first you will feel limited but in time you will get used to the new dimensions of your household. Instead of dwelling on the reduced space that you have, you should focus your thoughts on the advantages of living in a smaller home:

  • Easier upkeep
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower utility bills
  • Not being the designated host for large group gatherings

Tip 2: Profit from your new environment

Large houses are mainly situated in suburbs which are far away from cities. Smaller properties on the other hand are located in close proximity to urban centres which ultimately means that you will be less car dependent as you will have an easy and quick access to shopping areas, entertainment venues, restaurants, cultural events and last but not least, well-organised public transport.

Tip 3: Opt for multipurpose furnishings

Traditional furniture will make you feel as if you are living in a tiny box as it tends to take a lot of space and isn’t very flexible. So, head to your local home depot and purchase multipurpose furnishings which can serve more than one purpose. For example you can buy a multifunctional table which converts into a desk, coffee or dining table. You can also go for a bookcase-bed combo which is basically a lift bed which when pushed up its underside becomes a bookcase. Such furniture will permit you enjoy more living space but not lose any of the comforts that you seek. You can easily and safely haul your new furnishings to your home by using professional furniture collection services in London.

Tip 4: Reduce your belongings

Small English HouseDon’t be afraid to get rid of items that you don’t need or use. The more unnecessary objects you shed the more space you will have in your new home. Start by gathering all your possessions and then sorting them into three groups: To keep, to donate and to throw away. In the first pile put all the items that you absolutely need, in the second place things which are in good condition put you haven’t used in a long time and all “just in case” objects. The third pile is for all your possessions which are broken but you have been keeping them for an unknown reason.

Tip 5: Rent a storage unit

If after weeding your belongings you are still having storage issued in your new home, know that you can solve the problem by renting a storeroom. Use it to keep all your non-essential items. This way you will have to peace of mind that if the occasion arises you can retrieve these objects and use them.

As you can see downsizing a home isn’t as scary as you may initially think. Furthermore, in the long run it has its perks and we are certain that you will enjoy them in full.