The ultimate guide to packing for an office removal

Office relocations are often stressful and strenuous. There is very little importance laid on the fact whether you are moving a big or a small office, whether you relocate your business across the street or across London. The fact remains that you are going to have to put much effort figuring out the logistics, even if you are working with the best professional removals company in London.

That is the reason we have taken the time to gather some of the most useful tips that will make your office moving day a stress-free endeavor.

Start planning as early as possible

The key to a successful office relocation is to make sure that you have enough time to manage all the details and specifics. The most conservative guides (to which we recommend that you stick) say that you need at least six months to properly prepare for a job of such nature.

Carefully pick your movers

You need to know that the company you pay to help you with the office removal is vetted, reliable and is going to actually assist you with anything you might need. Spend some time doing research and asking for quotes. You will notice that finding the right movers is not as hard as it sounds.

Think for the best, prepare for the worst

Office removals usually involve handling large amounts of expensive furniture and sensitive (and even more expensive) equipment. Having proper movers, vehicles and packing supplies is usually enough to guarantee their safety on the road. One however cannot be too cautious. In order to be on the safe side, make sure to insure your goods for the relocation, so that if something bad happens you will not have to suffer through too much strain on your company’s budget.

Inform all concerned parties

Make sure to give an advance notice to anyone who might be affected by your business’s move. Those include not only the utility providers and the landlord of your old office space, but also any clients, business partners and associates. Those are the people that you should inform directly. Another thing to do in that direction is to put a notice on your company’s website and social media accounts for the change of address. New business cards and other advertising materials reflecting the move are also to be purchased in due time.

Take care of the plants

Have in mind that office movers rarely handle plants. If you have such at your workplace that you would like to take with you, you should discuss the problem in advance with your movers, so that the necessary measures can be taken. Alternatively, you can make other arrangements for transporting the plants, as well as for packing and securing them for the move. Don’t worry – it is not a mission impossible. All that it takes to successfully carry out such a task is to be properly prepared and informed in advance, which in the digital age we live in is not that hard at all.